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Latest Projects

Door of spruce with glass windows Wooden door with 4 windows Handmade Wooden Panelled Door Main entrance door from oak Louvred wardrobe Louvred wardrobe Exterior stairs and parapet from wood


kitchen in real wood kitchen in real wood wooden table wooden table wooden table Custom made bar Custom made kitchen cupboard Kitchen cupboard door made from oakwood Completely custom built kitchen unit Solid oak bartop made using massive oak wood Occasional table made from pine wood Solid oak outdoor table with benches, type Flintstone Solid oak table, type Flintstone Wooden table built from pine wood massif wooden tables bathroom unit complete kitchen installation cupboard display cabinet glazed door kitchen kitchen cupboards detail kitchen sink cupboard and drawers table table table


stairs stairs Staircase with steps made from oak Stairway made from real timber seen from the side Stairway from oak timber Stairway and railing from oakwood spiralling stairs wooden stairway wooden stairway wooden stairway stairway and skirting stairs going around corner stairwell


small roof above a door wooden door wooden louvre blinds wooden doors with blinds wooden door wooden door wooden door wooden door entrance door entrance door Interior door made from oak wood Double garage door made using teak wood Teak wooden door Custom built wooden entrance door Custom made wooden interior door Wooden interior door with Venetian blinds entrance door wooden garden door with reinforced iron bars wooden garden door with reinforced iron bars wooden garden door with reinforced iron bars interior door entrance gate entrance gate detail back entrance gate detail front round panneled door square panelled door

Floors, ceilings, roofs and awnings

Decorative parquet flooring Raised decorative parquet floor shed roof teak floor teak floor teak wooden floor teak flooring around pool small awning small awning bathroom ceiling ceiling ceiling and chimney roof outside kitchen


pergola wooden pergola wooden pergola wooden pergola Pergola and wooden railing on a house Wooden pergola laid on base of natural stone pergola verandah and railing pergolas at different levels extended pergola roof multiple pergolas pergola detail pergola roof

Fences, balconys and railings

wooden terrace garden with wooden table , fence and sitting area wooden bar-area fence for a terrace caravan shelter made from wood wooden cupboard wooden piece of furniture fence for a terrace wooden bar Custom built wooden railing Custom made wooden railing built from solid oak Decorative parquet flooring Terrace railing and stairway made from timber Rounded railing mader using solid oak wood Unfinished rounded railing - work in progrss Wooden detail in a garden wall Balcony railing made from oakwood railing around balcony railing around balcony balcony balcony and windows balcony windows and external decoration fence garden furniture and fence low garden fence


winery shelter for caravan covered seating area covered seating area beach hut winery louvre blinds louvre blinds caravan shelter caravan shelter inside feeding birds playground playground with small dog

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