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About the company

Lio-Les Timber is a firm based in Tsarevo, Bulgaria. It specialises in timber construction made to its customers’ individual requirements. Each project, whether big or small, is treated with the same level of customer care and attention to detail.

wooden stairs detail

Lilo, the owner of the company, has been a master carpenter since 1980. He studied interior design at the Christo Botov School in Plovdiv and graduated in 1975. The company is a family run business and has been going for four generations. Lilo’s grandfather founded the company in 1925, when it produced mainly wooden barrels for wine production.


Lilo’s father also worked as a carpenter, and now Lilo’s son works in the company too, together with four others.

Lilo can make anything customers desire. What his eyes see, his hands can make. He has almost 30 years of practical woodworking experience. Being a craftsman with a traditional training, his work is of a very high quality. Lilo works to high European standards and is puctual.

round garden table and chairs


About the work

Lio-Les Oak works typically within the region of Tsarevo (obstinat Tsarevo), but will also go outside of this area for larger projects.

Lilo works to each customer’s individual wishes and requirements.

  • Timberframe construction
  • Timber windows – he works with a glazier who can provide double glazing
  • Furniture
  • Solid timber kitchens - completely fitted-out kitchens can be built to you requirements

Please have a look at our gallery for examples of work.

Or contact us to discuss your project. For English speaking customers a translation service can be provided.

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